House of dog tutorial

The new house of dog

When a dog lives outdoor, it is a good idea to give her a nice house of dog, that allows her to live safely and comfortably. Also in the event that your dog spent some time inside the house, surely she will be out for some periods of time and is advisable to get a good shelter for her. In that kind of situations, a dog house will be the perfect solution to provide shade for the dog on sunny days, and warmth on cold days.

It is not for sure which dog house material they like most to stay in, but, by far the preferred material for their owners is wood.

When you have a little dog, normally the dog house is not an issue, because they stay indoors for very long periods of time. Bigger dogs spend the most of the time outside and the major problem that owners have is to get an idea about how to find a large house to shelter them.

There are many subjects regarding the acquisition of this kind of house of dog. For example: which is the right size to get, what is the right amount of money to invest in it, the style of dog house that match the design of our house: Also are several lateral issues to address, like which material we want the house to be made, the location of the entry of the house of dog, the shape of the roof, insulated or not, which material for the flooring, depending of the climate where we live, do we want to be heated?

 Best location of the house for the dog

Many people tend to think that the best place for the dog house it is at the rear of their property, which is not necessarily right .The proper location for an outdoor dog house probably is a less common location.

Due to their extremely social nature, a desirable area to locate the dog house would be a side or font yard or may be near a lateral door, rather than the back area of your home, which is really unwanted for your pet and quite inconvenient for you. Most of the dogs will be happy to spend their time, as near as, possible of the area where members of the family use to stay.

Besides the aesthetic it is better to think about the placement of the pet house considering which area your dog will be happy in, because if not probably the dog is not going to use it.

Another aspect that is important regarding the house of dog location, it is in which kind of weather is going to be, if cold, is better to locate it where they get the most exposure to the sun and if too warm, put it in a sun protected area.

In case that your chosen location doesn’t work well you can move it to another area or simply rotate it.

Size of the dog

The size of the dog is obviously the main aspect to consider when looking for this sort of items. Your pet must have enough space to move freely. Also it is important that the house is not too big, because normally dogs don’t feel comfortable in empty spaces. A good idea is trying to match the size of the place where the dog likes to sleep at home, maybe some corner or a dog bed.

Less common houses for your dogs

A good solution when someone wants a temporary shelter for their dogs is a portable kind of house. Similar to a little tent, the y are light and easy to transport .Even the are not made from extremely solid materials they allow you to provide a nice temporary shelter for your canine friend, when you are on the road. Before use these kind of houses it’s better to make your dog use it at home where he can feel more confident.

Dog houses are mostly associated with the outdoor ones but the Indoor dog houses are also popular, due that allow the pet owners houses to control the dog’s movements, keeping him safe and on sight. When training the dog, these kind of house of dog is a great help, and lots of persons like that their dog sleep inside the home at night.

Between the alternatives that people can find are table house of dog,the soft style and the pen dog houses.

Dog pen are made from stainless steel fencing and normally are light and spacious, giving to the pet plenty of room to move around. One of the biggest advantages is that they allow a lot of ventilation and also can be decorated with pet toys and dog supplies like for example dog bedding and blankets.

Soft indoor types are recommended to prepare your dog for future trips ,as they can be also used as dog carriers, compounded for mesh siding and paddings allow to get great ventilation  and keep your friend in closed contact. Also they are really comfortable due to the extra padding.

Even these days you can find an air conditioned dog house.

Dogs home material selection 101

Wooden houses: Dog houses made from wood are known for its popularity and readily available in a huge amount of styles and designs even made there is a pallet dog house available. This sort of material besides that is a great insulator for the pet dwellings will always have that charming, rustic look. Wood houses are remarkable and usually are recognized for its long lifespan, if they are taken care properly. Maybe there are not on offer in the same varieties of shapes than you will find plastic ones but you will see that there are sold in a great varieties of styles too.. Between the most attractive and sophisticated models that can be seen, are mansion house of dog, that sometimes include even a complete yard. Also there are some sort of houses that even include a front porch.

Plastic houses: The primary advantage of plastic dog houses is that are waterproof and light in weighed which is a terrific characteristic for an outdoor house. Also there are not damaged by the possible contact with moisture or woodworm. In case that the dog is a chewer its necessary to have a solid material in the house of dog, no matter if plastic or wood. Generally the plastic models come in quite original designs unless than the wooden ones that caters more classic customers. Also plastic houses generally are made from hardy materials and hold up well against the inclemency of the bad weather. The setting up of these kinds of houses is quite simple and generally is only required to click a bunch of parts, making its transport much easier too.

DIY house of dog

A skillful carpenter can consider build the dog house by him or herself, taking advantage of the numerous plans available on the internet. To do this they have to be aware that their woodworking abilities will be an important factor in the budget required to complete the task. Also people must be sure about the proper stability and strength of the dog house before to let the pet stay in it overnight. This kind of projects not necessarily has to be difficult and only you need to have a couple of notions prior to execute them.

The dog habits are a factor to take in consideration .In the case that the dog like to sit inside the  house ,is advisable to build a taller house, and if it is located in a warm weather location try to get good insulation.

The floor is another issue that people needs to put attention in.This flooring should be high enough to prevent water enter the house in rainy days, also isolating it from the ground in the coolest periods of the year.

For the roof persons can use a non-toxic preservative to treat a plywood panel and then choose the required shape according to the necessities of their particular dog.


In order for the house of dog to be enjoyable for her, they need to be kept clean, and in that sense it is required to get rid of the dog’s waist regularly. It’s a good idea to allow the dog have a permanent sight of the house ,so they can feel familiar with it.Also giving  a dog a runaway  is the right way to approach these issues, because it allows the dog to move around and still be restrained.

Keeping your wooden house fresh in summer ,and try to preserve them warmer in winter is the best for the health of your dog. Also keep it dry and out of windy area of your house. Provide a regular supply of water and food, then, your pet can feel that is an area nice to stroll around.

Visit the house often; the dogs love to have relationship with their owners. And enjoy their time together.


Provide the house of dog ,with dog toys, gadgets and chew bones which they can enjoy .Having a happy dog playing with him often, makes everybody at home more relaxed and in good mood .Specially young dogs can get cold really quickly in bad weather, but some of them even won’t use the dog house and you have to be aware that some of the reject it completely. Just you can be satisfied that your dog has a house in case that he changes his mind .